the real raw truth

why i started an international coaching Platform

barbara a. rykal

Insecurity is powerful and downright debilitating.  It is like a blanket made of concrete suffocating your every move.  Everyone has a story.  The life experiences I am ashamed of outweigh the ones I am proud of.  I do not like to talk about mine, which is why I fought so hard to not be the face of my business.  Members in my family didn’t even know I started a business back in 2019.  While only a sliver of my inner obstacles, this might be the first time I have ever shared this much information to anyone, let alone social media.  Enough was enough, and after one final life experience lead me into the worst depression of my life four years ago, I found the light.  I have seen a psychologist nearly all my life (which I whole-heartedly have high respect for).  Mentally and wit-wise, I could ace any test.  Emotionally, I was broken and numb beyond repair.  After a year down this dark and scary path, it was suggested that I attend a multi-day coaching seminar to shake me out of this funk.   I was in the darkest place of my life.  If it were not for my foster brother committing suicide in 2009 and my father attempting to sabotage his own life and those closest to him so many times during my youth, I probably would not have valued life so much.  I did not know what to expect and I was willing to try anything to be the positive role model for my kids, confident loving wife, and ultimately whole again. Most people attend these events with high anticipation, full of excitement to change their lives and fall back into their normal routine within months, if not weeks.  Not me.  I changed, down to my core, because I truly desired to change and just needed the professional guidance to do so.   I gained a new perspective on life.  My heart was lifted, and I was ready to work for happiness again.  I spent a lot of money on coaching and honestly, the only reason why it worked was because I wanted it to work and took action to make things work. I knew deep down; I was not meant to keep this feeling to myself.  Dying is inevitable and before I go, I want to leave positive footprints.  I want to make a difference in this life, and it starts by knowing what I am good at and turning it into a process to help others.  I never stopped to think I could not do it.  After a dozen years in sales management roles, an abundance of business development protocols and CRM infrastructure knowledge under my belt, I was determined to develop a system to make it easier to help others.   I always wanted to help in the health world through my abilities in the business world.  I finally did it.  Nearly two years ago, I started a business called Lighthouse Ladder LLC.  I wanted to bring coaching, any kind of coaching, to anyone in the world.  I designed a platform structure to automate the non-human part of coaching.  Changing the perspective to understand how customers see systems, I wanted it easier for coaches to coach and not hound clients to do their prep work for coaching sessions.  I also wanted more control in the client’s hands to monitor and manage their own progress.  This platform of coaching provides all of that and more.   Lighthouse Ladder LLC offers three levels of coaching based on what the client’s intentions are.  Unlike other coaching companies, we provide consistency through coaching process and price.  We are upfront with what sessions will cost and we provide an array of coaches to choose from in the Mastery Program.  Every business has its basics, and these are mine:




To unleash power of potential by connecting elite niche coaches with clients that seek positive change.


Discover and understand the anchor within us in order to ignite inspiration and potential.


Ensure every client receives the right tools and resources to reach their goals with honest coaching integrity. Track client progress and meaningful changes as they transform their lives.


Design custom one-on-one plans for clients to transform current state to where they want to be in the shortest amount of time.



Normally, you do not quit your day job until your side job is successful.  No one in their right mind ever called me normal.  So, I began.  Businesses need a website.  I did not want to pay anyone for something I could probably figure out myself.  I did research and learned a lot.  If I did not know how to do something, I found a way.  This has been the theme of my motivation, Find A Way.  My initial tagline?  Find your anchor. | Ignite inspiration.  My ultimate tagline?  It’s your life.  Own it.  This is me.  I search for the right talent with the right reasons and style and market to the clients that are serious about improving some area in their life.  It is a rewarding experience and would like to share coaching programs and opportunities with you.

“Being vulnerable is uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable is the only way to diversely grow and learn from something new.”

I didn’t want to make this business about me, at all.  This business is to benefit others; coaches and clients to connect to guide towards personal and professional growth.  Starting a company, especially a passionate one, without any personal reference has been a challenge, which I was willing to take on.  To ensure people that this is a real company with real intention and real plans for positive impact, it was time to provide the real raw truth of why I started an international coaching company.  

Thank you for your time learning a tidbit about the passion behind the business.  With coaches from around the world, we are ready to help you when you are ready to take action.