Dear Charity Decision Maker,

Giving is so important to us.  We team up with charities to donate $100 with every package purchased.  We ask that the client go to the charity site and get our promo code.  Client adds charity donation of $100 to the cart.  They enter the promotional code found on the charity site.  The $100 charge will be removed from cart. This will signal us that charity was selected to be paid $100.  We pay the $100 to the charity the client found the promotion code from.  All we are asking is that you allow us to be a strategic partner and show our logo with a coupon code to signal that a charity is to be paid the $100.

This is coming out of our pockets as this is a new giving program I want to try and haven’t raised our prices to compensate this donation amount.  We have passion for giving and this makes sense.  Lighthouse Ladder and individual coaches look for the opportunity to do more, give more and be more.  Together as a community, we will give our $100 earnings to charity of choice with every purchase.  Thank you for helping make this a better community.


Can we can work together and become strategic partners for the greater good?


Looking forward to working with you. 

Passionate Giver, 
Barbara Rykal – Managing Director