Inside (BYO)Coach Workshop, you learn to independently be-your-own-coach.  (BYO)Coach is a thorough self-paced workshop and tutorial bundle to help you design a self-constructed action plan while getting a taste of coaching.


Are you a “Go-Getter”?  Do you put dreams into action?  Do you envision great opportunities for the future?  When you envision positive outcomes, you are more likely to achieve those visions.  Your mind thrives on creative and critical thinking.  Challenge yourself to chase your dreams and work to make your powerful thoughts an actual reality with (BYO)Coach Workshop.

It may take you 1 day to complete or more, depending on your speed and how many exercises you participate in.  Your access to video and templates includes a one-time download and expires after 30 days.   Are you ready to independently determine and achieve your destiny?