Provides personalized experience, elite expertise, and high accountability through individual coaching sessions that actualize your vision and goals for your future.   With customized strategies, our Mastery Coaching Program empowers you to achieve limitless opportunities.


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Interested in separating from your amateur-self and become the expert?  Are you ready to devote a tremendous amount of time, energy, and hard work towards learning and practicing your skills?  Can you handle the great deal of effort it takes to be the master in your field? Do you have mental toughness?

Our coach constantly challenges you to do better, learn more, and acquire new knowledge and skills.  Each Lighthouse Ladder Mastery Coach has been selected based on demonstrated success in their fields.  Your 1:1 sessions with our coach pushes towards further challenge and practice levels.  This prepares you for more learning, more knowledge, and better performances.

You will make mistakes, even experts do.  You will learn to be ready to catch your own errors and eager to learn from them.  You are receiving feedback from mistakes by learning what not to do and what to try instead.  You will be able to spot these mistakes, correct course, and apply this knowledge in the future.  Coach focuses on present and future by exploring the “what now/what’s next” approach.


  • 10 coaching sessions
  • Coaching session 1 is Initial Goal Assessment Call (45-60 min.)
  • Coaching sessions 2-10 are custom strategy plans (30 min.)

Members (no purchase necessary) have access to view all coaches.  Once purchase is made, you select your own coach in the Mastery programs.

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